Mind-controlled arm prostheses that can ‘feel’

For the first time, people with arm amputations can experience sensations of touch in a mind-controlled arm prosthesis that they use in everyday life. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on three Swedish patients who have lived for several years with this new technology, one of the world’s most integrated interfaces between humans and machines. The […]

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Corona-measures to reduce air pollution and related deaths, Naturopathy, naturopathic specialist portal

Reduced air pollution through measures to be taken against COVID-19 saves lives In the past, scientific studies have shown that reduced air pollution improves health significantly. This is now confirmed also during the Corona pandemic. The cleaner air, thanks to the measures to be taken against COVID-19 in many places, in a measurable, reduces the number of premature deaths and […]

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Mayo Clinic adds COVID-19 skills to Amazon Alexa

Mayo Clinic has added a skill set to Amazon’s Alexa home devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot called “Answers on COVID-19,” which offers users the latest information about symptoms, prevention and how to cope with the situation, responding to voice commands only. WHY IT MATTERS Among the skills are a COVID-19 self-assessment tool, which helps users assess symptoms and determine whether they’re […]

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